Product FAQ

All major browsers are supported, including IE, SAFARI, CHROME, FIREFOX, and more. Nutrioso is a web based application, and is compatible with all major device manufacturers, including APPLE, MICROSOFT, SAMSUNG, and others. It is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Yes, Nutrioso is compliant with The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Yes! You can send your clients and prospective clients a link to book a 15, 30 or 60 minute appointment directly in your schedule. You and your client will receive a confirmation email, as well as a reminder email with the option to cancel the appointment.

The services of some accredited nutrition professionals, such as Registered Dietitians, may be covered by the client's insurance policy or be eligible for a tax credit. Nutrioso allows you to create receipts that include the details required by insurance providers so your client can be reimbursed, if eligible.

Yes. Nutrioso enables you to sort and and extract your cases and client nutrition files. You can export data as a .csv file, save to pdf, or print.

The robust client interface is designed to add value to your services. It is attractive and inuitive, whether accessed from a computer, tablet or phone.

The dashboard is the heart of the client interface, customized with their goals, favourite recipes and recommended documents. From here they access their nutrition report, their nutrition profile, and all the nutrition tools designed to help them in their health journey.
Clients complete their intake forms and assessments directly on Nutrioso, so you have more time for what counts. When the nutrition report is ready, they receive a copy on the client interface so you can easily review it together.
Secure messaging is a chat application built in to the Nutrioso platform. Whether you use it for quick questions and check ins or for the entire consultation, communication is simple and seamless.
Clients can browse a wealth of reliable nutrition articles sorted by topic. Plus, you can attach a recommended article from the resource library to their dashboard, or upload your own.
Clients can get inspired, browsing a host of dietitian approved recipes. By clicking the heart, they can pin their favourites to their dashboard and get cooking!
Clients can keep track of what, when and where they eat, as well as their hunger levels at each meal and snack.
For clients who are monitoring their weight, the weight tracker is a motivating tool that graphs their progress.
Clients can set and achieve goals large and small throughout their health journey. Their goals are displayed on the dashboard to help them stay focused on what matters most to them.

Yes. You can attach unlimited documents from the Nutrioso resource library to your client's profile, or upload up to 10 MB of your own files.

Nutrioso's automated assessment will save you time with every client. The nutritional and behavioural assessments designed by Registered Dietitians give you a complete picture of your client's eating and behavioural habits. Once your client has answered all the questions on the client interface, you'll receive a notification to review. Nutrioso's algorithms provide a tailored recommendation created by Registered Dietitians for each response. You can delete or edit the recommendations, customize the meal plan and share the finalized nutrition report with your client.

You'll receive a portable link that you can send to clients and potential clients to let them know about your services, and allow them to book a 15, 30 or 60 minute appointment with you in your Nutrioso schedule.

Nutrioso does not process client payments. You determine how much you charge, when you charge and the means of payment. You can create a insurance receipt for your clients on Nutrioso.

You can contact us by email, or for more information on Nutrioso membership terms and options, check out our subscription FAQ page.